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What exactly the "Extended Night" flag stands for?

White Agnus

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Hi Folks,


the topic it already says, for what cause the "expanded night" flag in the are-files?

The problem I have is that in BG-Town (BGT) the mves from trademeet are shown, when the day or night is gone. When I do not set the "expanded night" flag, the trademeet videos are not shown. Playing the original videos in BG-Town via script isn't the problem, I want to know which other duties the "expanded night" flag have and if I can realiese these duties via a bcs script.


I owe you in prerau.


Thanks & Greetz

White Agnus


PS: Excuse my bad english. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the reply.


The DAYNITE and the NITEDAY notes are placed in the BGMain.exe and I've not the experience to mod the BGMain.exe with WeiDu.

An other way were to overwrite the Videos of Trademeet with the from BG-Town and deinstall it after the transition, but I don't like this squalidly way...


Any other idea how to put the trademeet movies out of BG-Town?

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Well sure, here it is, it is simple.


BACKUP ~myMod/Backup~

BEGIN ~BGMain Patching~

COPY_EXISTING ~bgmain.exe~ ~bgmain.exe~

COPY_EXISTING ~bgmain.exe~ ~bgmain.exe~


And that is all BGMain patching for you. The rest is finding out where you want to patch, and what to...



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Isn't that movie played by a script? Well, hmm, i cannot believe that :thumbsup:

They aren't even affected by chapter change?

Maybe a special area flag?


ar2000 isn't listed in BGMain, yet somehow it must know when it has to play those movies.



Oh damn, i should have read your note more carefully. The extended night flag...

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The only thing to check is if it wants extended night + city or just extended night. I'm hoping the former, else it'd screw up the restored night tilesets for the druid grove and black dragon clearing (although, Sulldy has extended night, and I don't think it plays there, so fingers crossed).


There are day/night trans movies in BG/TotSC too, but they don't play in the Mac version (these MVEs aren't even included with the game), so I don't know if they got cut or if they're just in the PC version (the game does try to play them when you're in Baldur's Gate and an extended night trans occurs).

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