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Dispel Magic?


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Testing? No.

Random guessing? Yes.


Param1 seems to be related to the "casting" level (check the spcl231 textual description for details) - I dont know if it acually works or not though.

Param2 has values of 0,1 and 2. Spell type perhaps? Not sure.

Testing is needed, but I dont have time atm. I'll add this opcode to my testing list, which I will post soon.

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Parameter 1: Level of Effect

Parameter 2: Mode of Effect


P1 determines the level of the effect, regardless of caster level, i.e. chance of success. P1 is useless if P2 isn't set to 2.


P2 determines the mode with which the effect is used:

0 Chance of success always 100%.

1 Standard, as in spell description.

2 P1 determines the level used by the effect.


The combination of P2=2 and a value of P1 is used by the Inquisitor innate.


(Data from Knight's Effects List.)



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