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[BG2:ToB] Opcode #38 - Silence


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In-game testing shows that silenced characters cannot cast spells, use special abilities (even non-magical ones like Set Snare or Poison Weapon) nor initiate dialogue. They can however use magical items and item abilities (i.e. a Wand of Fire or a Ring of Invisibility).


However, it seems that there is one spell in the game that a silenced character can cast - Vocalize (SPWI219.SPL). Nonetheless, cloning the effects of Vocalize into other spells doesn't seem to allow them to bypass silence, so this is probably hardcoded somewhere.

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A small update on the Vocalize spell.


The engine seems to be configured to allow SPWI219.SPL to be cast while silenced, regardless of what that spell actually does. For example, I just overwrote SPWI219.SPL (Vocalize) with SPWI212.SPL (Mirror Image) and I was able to cast that while silenced.

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Taimon, tell me the offset?

Which one exactly?


There are two instances of the checking code. Only the latter seems relevant.

They jump to 0x009125A6 if the silent bit is not set or it is one of the mentioned spells.

Function starts on 0x00911C5B.

(All debug offsets, so subtract 0x00400000 for the file offset.)

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There are a lot of specials that shouldn't check on silence: barbarian rage, defensive/offensive spin, etc. All of these wouldn't work in silence?


Also, aVENGER wrote he noticed set snares to not work in silence (though the .exe contains the reference to let it work).

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