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Drow portraits for ust natha?

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I'm sure I ran across this idea somewhere before, but I can't remember if it is actually in a mod or not; I certainly cannot find such a change anywhere, but anyway what i'm wondering is if there is anything that changes the party's portraits to drow ones for when they're transformed in the underdark?


This portrait change worked well for me for edwina, I think from bg2tweaks, and I have a very good quality portrait I use for his feminine version rather than the one tweaks provides - the point being it's easy enough to place the portraits you want in the override, as long as someone could write up a mod and put some placeholder type portraits, since there's plenty drow portraits all over the web that we can then ourselves select and stick in override for when the transformation happens. The way tweaks does this, surely it's possible to do for the rest of the party upon Adalon's transformation?


What does everyone think? Has it already been done?

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I remember a series of Drow portraits being done for the major NPCs, but I don't think they were ever packaged into a mod to make the NPCs into Drow in USt Natha. I certainly can't find any references to it (or the actual protraits) though, so maybe it was just suggested like this some time ago and noone's actually done it yet. Someone with a better memory might know more.

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What stopped the project iirc was that there is no way of knowing which portrait the player used before the portrait would be substituted to the drow one. So, when the portraits are revereted, it will have to be the default, which may or may not be what the player used. The other thing is that of course the main character cannot be dealt with at all.

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