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Anyone done any research on how long it takes to show up "naturally" in-game with various CONs and such?


Google and site search isn't all that helpful. hpconbon.2da helpfully tells me about a -4 to +5 modifier.


Will do some practical experiments if noone knows off-hand.

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Works in Interesting Ways .


Fatigue accumulation seems to work on a non-saved timer. So if you save and reload every 8 hours or so, you'll never get fatigued from natural causes.


(I saved with three fatigued characters. Normally, two more would be fatigued within three hours or so. Reload and ctrl-t ahead six hours, wait for the bookkeeping to kick in ... nothing. Save and check fatigue stat - no change.)

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Game seems to use max of (saved fatigue stat, calculated fatigue from ingame playtime). So not cumulative, as such. "Fatigued" portrait icon appears when fatigue stat reaches 7 (or, hopefullly, when fatigue stat reaches a penalizing level of fatigmod.2da, TBT.)


Lesser restoration one-shot increases fatigue stat by 7, timing mode 1-permanent. Which is the minimum needed for a luck penalty. (see fatigmod.2da for fatigue stat => luck penalty mapping)

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Then again, even with fatigue 49 my random tob cleric has no problem whacking a kobold commando. Even though that in theory should give him a -43 luck modifier. I suspect at his level and fancy weapons he basically can't fail to hit it naturally, so him having bad luck doesn't really help the poor kobold. Doesn't seem to affect his saves, judging from random ghast testing.

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Is there are maximum to luck bonus maybe? I know I usually just ignore fatigue entirely as it doesn't seem to really make much difference (it should eventually wear itself out or wrap around, no? maybe I'm misremembering, but I could swear I've seen fatigue icon occasionally disappear for no apparent reason), but surely it's got to do *something* for at least some levels of fatigue...


How exactly does Constitution modify fatigue (the CHR I use for testing has 25 Con and can go for much longer before becoming fatigued than a normal character); i.e., what do the HPCONBON modifiers (if they're even used) correspond to?

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I suspect ctrl-t is playing games with me, I'm getting confused. Rechecking.


But your CON 25 goliath looks to be in the ballpark of 15 hours extra compared to CON 10 Mr. Average.


(and btw, my tob cleric went to -10 modifiers in his combat feedback text - he just hit the poor thing anyway. vs equal opposition he'd probably be smeared.)

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Simple formula, really.


Fatigue from time awake = (hours / 4) - hpconbon.2da modifier. So real weaklings ( <=7 CON) actually start out mildly fatigued after rest. With CON 3 you get fatigued after the first Haste spell, no matter how fresh you are (since haste wearing off adds 4 fatigue, and a -3 modifier ensures you start at 3).


It follows that an average hero of CON 10 can hold out for 28 hours before fatigue slows his sword and thoughts. An unlikely survivor of CON 1 likes 12 hour days better, while a CON 25 behemoth thinks nothing of doing 48-hour stints of monsterslaying.


I do think Viconia is rather reasonable, insisting that a 28-hour day is enough. Even though The Stubborn Ones insist on 32 or 36. (Xan and Silverstar would insist on 24, with their 7 CON. 8-15 has no modifier.)

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