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As people may have noticed, the BGII banters were voiced. For BG1 NPC, as we were not able to hire the original cast of the game we (well, mostly NiGHTMARE, thanks! :() instead chose appropriate music for each NPC to be played on banter initiation, music that fit their character...


I was thinking of doing the same for Mur'Neth's banters, to help him mesh better with the other NPCs. Since it'd only be one music file, it wouldn't hit the download too hard.


So, if anyone has any music they think would fit a chaotic evil fanatical ooze, which (importantly) nobody's going to sue me for using, then please let me know! :p You may be able to post here with the file, else email me!


The other option is poking Mr Compton to record the lines for the banters, but he scares me...


The final option, of course, is not to bother and stick with silence. Either way, I'd appreciate some feedback as work on v2 draws on.

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