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Cre file 0x27c & 0x27e


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I agree that they appear to be Word values, and that they increase for each party member, but I don't know exactly what they represent.


In one saved game, Charname has 0x0017 (23) in each Word, and he is the only one in the party.


In the second saved game, saved 16 real minutes later, Charname has 0x00df (223) in each word and Imoen has 0x00E0 (224).


Both saved games are from the beginning of the game. (One is autosave, second is quicksave.) I don't have any other saved games to check atm.


Maybe this has something to do with characters at the bottom of the party list gaining slightly less experience than those above them, with Charname getting the most experience and each character following getting gradually less. It's a slight difference, but builds over time as the party levels up. I've always wondered why this happened, especially since Charname isn't always the one with the most kills.

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[slightly off-topic]

Smoketest: The XP difference is due to the way how BG deals out the XP.

Assuming you have a party of 6 and get 100 XP.

Those XP are divided equally among party members. In the example, everyone gets 16 XP, leaving 4.

The rest is assigned from top of the list until no XP are left to deal out. In the example: The first 4 party members get 1 XP each, the last 2 get none.

When multiclassed characters get 1 XP, it is assigned to their first class, but doesn't show up on the character record (it always displays an equal amout of XP for all classes). However, those "hidden" XP are stored and reappear on the character record once all classes have an equal amount of XP again.

Kills have no effect whatsoever on how much XP a character gets.

In BG2 (didn't test with the other games), you always get 10% more XP than shown in the status window. That is independent from party size, difficulty setting, stats of Charname.

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Found something else, though it's not terribly exciting or useful. It appears that NPC's stored in the .gam file, who have yet to join the party, have their 0x27c and 0x27e fields set to their index in the .gam file.

ie. If the unjoined NPC's were Bill, Bob and Fred, Bill would have 1,1, Bob would have 2,2 and Fred would have 3,3. These values are then altered when the NPC joins the party.

I think. I checked this a month or so ago :thumbsup:

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