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Special filenames


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Only to let you know, that we have found these two files in the override directory after biffing:



Both filenames have a very special character in it, which should normally not be used (& ^).


Greetings Leomar

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Leomar is refering to this topic, and this and the next post where it's said:

The author of those files deserves a slow, painful death for using ... or special characters in file names. I will tighen my regexp to ensure only valid files will be biffed anyhow, thank you for your report.
So, it's not a huge unsurmountable obsicle, but it's still quite large, as it makes more work for others.
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The world will not explode with an extra 2 files in the override.


The caret and the ampersand have special meanings on Unix (which includes OSX), FWIW. (Then again, so does almost everything in some context or another.) Just a minor heads-up.



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