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I was following this mod on the forgotten wars forums, but even still, I'm stupid and lack the final answer, lol


Which characters, exactly, are planned to be romancable?


I remember Dynaheir as being a definate romance, and I remember Imoen was being considered,

but I could use a simple list to ease my mind. lol, ty.

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OKi... I assume you are interested in the romances for a male protagonist:


Branwen ( approximately 1/3 core lovetalks written)

Dynaheir (approximately 1/2 core lovetalks written)

Imoen (so far not started, Jinnai is working on her Phase II quest)


For a female protagonsit:


Coran (available in V6)


Ajantis (started)

Eldoth (possible)

Xan (possible)

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I'm stupid

You are definitely not stupid, lol:

1. You know how to read and write

2. You know grammar

3. You know how to use your computer and how to connect it to the internet

4. You mastered to register and to post your question

5. You knew where to ask!



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Domi, thank you kindly.  I am however highly offended at your assumption I was simply interested in the romances for the male pc only! =P j/p.



Jastey: I didn't say how stupid I was did I? :(

Well, you asked about Dynaheir and Imoen :) But I did list all female PC options as well :(

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