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Kivan and the BG2 NPC's

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1) Aerie 8


Aerie and Kivan are quite friendly, Aerie actively trying to win Kivan’s friendship and maybe more. After the resurrection of Deheriana, Aerie will play an important role in her revival.


2) Anomen 7


I tried to avoid the general tendency of “the new NPC grinds Anomen into dust or ridicules him ‘cause he is an arrogant bastard†However, CN Anomen will have some racist remarks, that Kivan will not let slip.


3) Cernd 9


They start on a friendly foot, but tension arises when Cernd’s wife and child story plays out. Howevere, they remain rather friendly and Cernd plays an important role in Deheriana's revival


4) Edwin 7


Random bickering.


5) Imoen 5


Quite friendly and Kivan's somberness creates an interesting shadow to Imoen's BG2 changing attitude. Additions for V4 include 2 much darker (and horribly long) talks.


6) Jaheira 5


Much friendlier than I originally suspected. Jaheira tries to take charge of Kivan's life, but recieves a calm but descisive no. However, they respect each other and mourn Khalid's passing together.


7) Jan 6


Ye gods! Kivan does not avoid Jan's pocking and probing via the stories about Jan's various family members, irritating and angering him. But when Lissa's quest plays out, there is a shred of understanding between them.


8) Haer'Dalis 5


They talk about what interests Haer'dalis the most - haer'dalis and his philosophy, plays and songs.


9) Keldorn 5


Duty, loyalty, negativity snd goodness. Kivan refuses to understand Keldorn's locking Maria in jail.


10) Korgan 4


Er... what d'ya think? No love lost there. 2 of the banters occur under "special" curcumstances: one when entering De'Arnise's Cellars and the second - when TorGal is killed.


11) Mazzy 6


Very friendly and a bit cute. Sorry, could not resist. A less friendly banter about Valygar, but Kivan stays aloof.


12) Minsc 5


Uhm... just like with Imoen, I really-really-really do not like writing for Minsc. So I made them discuss Imoen's rescue, Kivan's private life and er... something else. They are friends, obviously.


13) Nalia 5


O, this relationship is complex. Nalia sort of pities Kivan, but it is very much not in his character to be the "less fortunate", so there is a tension and a bit of coldness. Nalia, however, at some point manages to tell a story that does convince Kivan, that she indeed has a heart, not just takes an interst in helpin' poor as an aristocratic folly. Interesting set, would like to expand it.


14) Valygar 5


It feels like they have a sort of rivalry and a bit of a contest going, the two rangers being a bit similar in character.


15) Viconia 5


I based it on BG1 set where in the end of long war PC can settle them forbidding them to talk to each other. So their banters are mostly pointed short exchanges of insults. I suspect it will take cheating to keep both in the party in V4, so the banters will become obsolete... but hey! Have fun


16) Yoshimo 4


Yoshimo watches Kivan cautiously and sees in him what he could have become if he did not accept Ireniucs' deal. Kivan's way to avenge his Deheriana is more streightforward, but more stupid to Yoshimo than his own attempt to bring the downfall of Tamoko's murderer. Only allusions are made however.

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2) Anomen 4+


I tried to avoid the general tendency of “the new NPC grinds Anomen into dust or ridicules him ‘cause he is an arrogant bastard†

Thanks for that one. I really like Anomen in the romance (on the LG-knight path), and two (well known) NPC-mods I ever played either did one or both of the things you specified, one NPC-mod out there ridiculing him in such a way I stopped playing it right away.

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Kivan actually gets along with LG Anomen very well. With LN Kivan sounds as an older/wiser of the two - I am afraid I am giving Kivan that leeway... but I feel it is somewhat justified by his higher wisdom and experiences

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