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I'm out

Tameon the Dragoon

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I am terribly sorry, but I am backing out of my duties as the co-author of the Branwen Romance. It really shouldn't be that suprising, given my absence for the past several months (give or take a few).


In all honesty, I had some computer troubles witch resulted in me lossing all my work. I just didn't say anything untill I realized how much I had to do all over again, so I for some reason thought it would just be easier if I left without saying anything. Selfish, huh? I see that now. I am sorry.


If anything, this has been a learning experience for me. I appologize that it was at your expense.


I would have just PM'd this to Domi, but I felt I deserved admitting this to the whole board. Oh, and I should probably be demoted to a regular member.

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