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Haven't finished the mod with Dynaheir yet since I decided to clear Durlag's Tower before finishing Baldur's Gate and returning to Candlekeep.


I've cleared the tower, acquired the sought after item and penetrated the evil lair in Ulgoth's Beard.


Should there be quite that many nabassus confronting me? I'm talking four at once! :(

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The encounter has been rendered impossible. Not only does the nabassu appear instantly and right in front of you, leaving no time to thin the cultists but if you cast a cloudkill spell then ALL the cultists transform in nabassus.


One is a serious challenge, there is no beating six.

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That would definitely not be bg1npc :( We do not do anything with that encounter I am afraid I do not know of any mods that do this kind of overkill, either - one is way more than enough!

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I think it is a problem with TuTu, since I remember having had to deal with it before I had even heard of the BG1 NPC mod. Playing through the game again, I just went through the same problem yesterday and found a sneaky way of completing it this time round.


I lured the demon (or devil, I honestly cant remember the difference between the two for D&D) upstairs by retreating, where I had several summoned monsters to act as decoys, before running back downstairs. The demon did not follow me back, due to the summons (it did not work when I originally attempted this without the summons), thus giving me time to wipe out the cultists before handling the big bad monster on its own.


Its a bit of a cheat, since it manipulates a fault in the AI, but one could also claim that 4+ deathgazing demons isn't supposed to happen, therefore excusing less then honest methods of winning. The fight is still a challenge, which is the most important part.

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