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Every Mod and Dog

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After a long time, the German forum found out that a bad CTD was caused by Cliffette's mod "Every Mod and Dog". The corrected spawn of the wolf in v3 caused a CTD before one defeated the Shadow Lord.


We did fix this issue, added the VERSION-flag in the TP2 and updated to WeiDU v210.


It would be great if G3 could upload the new fixed version:




Greetings Leomar

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clfwlf.cre uses wolfm.itm, this weapon is only used only by the shapeshifting spells in the original game. Could clfwlf.cre therefore be modified that it uses p1-8m1.itm and has its number of attacks set to two? This would avoid a freeze of BG2 if refinements is also installed.



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