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Kelsey mod compatibility.

Jarno Mikkola

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Well, I have been informed that as Kelsey mod modifies few of the spells in the game by replacing them with it's own versions of the spells(overwriting), and I am told that this is made, cause of the player used AI can then make use of the modified spells.

So I am asking that could you Demivrgvs please study the spell changes made in the Kelsey mod, so you could say, can you make appropriate changes to the spells in SR so that the Kelsey AI can still use them but so that both mods can be installed so that the Spell Revisions revisions stay.

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I've taken a quick look at it and I fear it's worse than expected. I played my last game with him and never noticed an issue, but that's because I installed SR well after Kelsey. It seems Kelsey mod overwrites a lot of spells and I don't know what it does to them (I should confront each of them to the original one with NI and it would take ages to me). Kelsey also had some issues because of how it affectes detectable spells, but if I'm not wrong the latest improvements on Detectable spells (thanks to aVENGER and DavidW) should "fix" this.


Long story short, I don't know what I can do about it, but unless you're planning on using Kelsey AI (personally I'd never let the AI control one of my main party member), Kelsey and SR should be fully compatibile (as I said before, I played with both installed till the end of ToB)

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