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How does it work?

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Unless I am seriously mistaken I believe the only thing that affects flirts is Game Progression.


Since you asked specifically which quests,


































Elanee and Neeshka can be flirted with immediately. They gain new flirt options in Chapter 3.


Casavir can be flirted with as soon as you meet him. Bishop can be flirted with in Chapter 2. Both gain new flirts in Chapter 3.


The responses as far as I can understand are kind of random. It starts with the first option and goes (This option? Nah! or This option sure!) If it skips the first it goes onto the next and continues this until reaching the bottom where it is supposed to take the last reply no matter what but the conversation is actually dropped. Not such a big deal with Bishop anyways since the final reply available is (Bishop ignores you). Not sure about the others.

































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Some of Casavir's Act 3 flirts are affected by influence and PC alignment. He'll put up with more "rough handling" if he is fond of the PC.


I don't know how much difference influence makes in the other romanceables' flirt options, though.

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None, iirc, maybe with a couple of exceptions (same with alignment, could change a responce a little). In Gann's case there are a few event-related flirt options that open up. I am not big on tieing influence to romance, because of the way the influence is handled in the game; plus, influence is handled differently in OC and MotB, including different scripting, so... yeah, not fond of. For Neeshka, in the talks, I am trying to pepper the talks with class, race and alignment options. Not influence though.

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Thanks for the answers. The semi-/randomness looks a bit strange at times (all smooches one moment, cold as a fish the next), but I know less then nothing about scripting, so I'm not the one to complain. :(

Still, if, at some point, one of the scripters on the your team goes crazy and decides to make a logical progression to flirts/romance (especially, MotB, since it's more likely to be replayed), I wouldn't mind that, either. :D

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Uhm, no, that's how the flirts were always done, from the inception of the concept by JC. The idea was to introduce the randomness and unpredictability, and have something new happen every time, as opposite to the lovetalks, that are a structured sequence 'on the rails'. Flirts are entertainment that the PC can have when the LTs are not happening, just some... er... flirting and a bit of action. Flirts do change depending on the stage of the relationship, in other words, you get more 'friendship' flirts before intimacy, and hotter flirts afterwards. There is absolutely 0 chance it will be changed.

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