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New release of Kiara-Ziaya


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Kiara-Zaiya - the famous NPC mod by Alan MC, Seifer and Jesara - has been refreshed by Isaya.

This "grooming" was necessary to fix some texts conflicts for an install in a foreign language. We take the opportunity to fix some install's warnings, to include our french translation (thanks to Elgaern, Bloody.Mary and Lothringen of the d'Oghmatiques), and to update the spanish one (thanks to Saemon from Clan Dlan).


We're in contact with Seifer and hope a future official update of his mod. But for the moment, we have uploaded it provisionally in our web space.


Download Kiara-Zaiya v1.6 Fr-Es-Ge (you must choose "Accepter" to be able to download the mod)

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Read the original article at Clouds of Exodus

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Has anyone here ever played this mod? I haven't and can't find any feedback on it such as bugs or any problems or whether it is relatively a "complete" mod. How do people like it? I just hope for a little info and player experience before I try it out. I can't read foreign languages and like I said I tried to find reviews of it but came up with nothing.

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