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Polish translation project of Romantic Encounters


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Our site, Wieża Ramazitha, just started translation project of Romantic Encounters. If you're from Poland, your english skills are fine, maybe you can give us a hand and translate one or two files? ;-) RE contains wide range of components - from little 2kb chats to long romances ending at 50kb, and there's always something to do there. Currently we're focusing on teen content because of it's overall better quality and better integration with game - but there's always possibility of translating 18+ stuff.


If you want to help us, discuss about Romantic Encounters in polish language or download already translated components - check here!


-- Yarpen

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Hey, folks - maybe if someone who speaks Polish is reading this, you'll help me translate some new Xan lines? There're only 80 lines(took me an hour to translate them into Russian), so it's not a big job.

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Yup, it's quite big, that's why I'm busy because of finding new translators and coordinating everything. But I think that this project will bring a new quality of polish translations, especially thanks to Cykuta, who translated Edwin Romance and is really a pro translator. I'm learning a lot from her, and we're improving the quality of translations every day - so there's hope for something refreshing. And cool. We selected this project because it's divided into many little components which allows even most lazy "Hrothgar's Inn" forum users to translate 2kb file. And I think that's great.


Also I have to say that RE is very interesting as subject of translation. It's quite a challenge for polish, because huh, thanks to our nation's discrecy in talking about erotic/sexual stuff - most of words which could f.e. describe manhood are very vulgar and primitive. And really don't fit to BG2's original translation - so we have to come up with something different. Heh, french I think don't have this problem - and this mod sometimes (some components represent high quality, other not) is really, really worth of it.



Hey, you can send them to me - I'm usually working on updates of mods abandoned by translators, and I've didn't seen Xan's translator (Magda Buller) for a long time - so I think that I can handle it and even do some minor fixes (joining dialogue was let's say "massacred").


Currently I'm thinking about making competition hosted by official polish BG2's site (I am one of "bosses") - best fanfic and fanart connected with Romantic Encounters or "erotic-in-BG2" subjects. As one of prizes I was thinking about possibility of re-making best fanfic as true Romantic Encounter in BG2. For a long time I think it going to be available only in polish (translating mods from polish to english are as rare as politics with hearts) - and is there a possibility of creating special, polish distribution of RE with this add-on included? :)

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You certainly are free and very welcome to do the competition thing(just tell the folks that we here at G3 can't watch it, because not all of us, unfortunately, speak Polish!) My personal belief is that everyone who participates in it is already a winner - when I see various Xan fanfiction and fanart, for example, I'm so impressed by the artists's skills that I can't say "This guy/gal is the winner" - I can only say "You're all doing great".


As for distribution, I would prefer to be able to lend technical support for our version of RE here on G3.


So, if you're going to create a romantic encounter in Polish, it's best to distribute it as a separate small package until it is translated into English(which is usually easy). If you guys translate this encounter in English(and grammar/content is good - this is important!), then, yes, we can incorporate it into a single big package and include it into the big version of RE.

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