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StateOverrideFlag action


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When a script uses StateOverrideFlag(TRUE) all creatures in the current area(?) ignore their current state flags for the time specified, or until a save-game reload. I'd guess that StateOverrideFlag(i:time) would override the states for the time indicated.

NB. The creatures still have the state flags set.

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Well, no.

It doesnt override state_frozen_death. It does override state_helpless and state_sleeping.

I'd guess it doesnt override any of the death states. It needs further testing, but at least there is now more info on it than there was :)

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I've tested this a little more, checking which states are overriden. I'd guess the states I didnt check are not overriden, as it looks like the action just makes characters seem to be paying attention to whats going on around them (ie. they are not asleep or running around), and, for example, it's irrelevant weather someone is hasted or not - they still look to be paying attention. It fits with the single use of this action in a bg2 script as well.

Still, the other states do need testing...


0 = Not Overriden

1 = Overriden


state_sleeping = 1

state_berserk = Untested

state_panic = 1

state_stunned = 1

state_invisible = 0

state_helpless = 1

state_frozen_death = 0

state_stone_death = 0

state_exploding_death = Untested

state_flame_death = Untested

state_acid_death = Untested

state_dead = 0

state_silence = 0

state_charmed = 0

state_poison = Untested

state_hasted = Untested

state_slowed = Untested

state_infravision = Untested

state_blind = Untested

state_diseased = Untested

state_feebleminded = Untested

state_nondetection = Untested

state_improved invisibility = 0

state_bless = Untested

state_ chant = Untested

state_drawuponholymight = Untested

state_luck = Untested

state_aid = Untested

state_chantbad = Untested

state_blur = Untested

state_mirror_image = 0

state_confused = 1

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that state does disable dialogs. (which is quite lame btw)

Are you certain of that? Because I can still talk to them in PST, as long as I select the Talk icon before clicking on them.


Given that the effect is a leftover from BG1, it does sound a little odd for it to not work the same way in the other games.

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In bg2 it says charmed creatures don't have their own mind or such.

The charm state is a kind of possession (in bg2). DLTC changes that, but we don't use the charmed state due to this flaw.

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So it doesn't override charmed state, but that state does disable dialogs. (which is quite lame btw)

In BG1 you can still talk to a character who is Charmed. Several dialogs check for STATE_CHARMED to see if a special thread should be taken. Apparently at one time the character would remain neutral/good after the charm wore off, as they had a special response in their dialog for if you spoke to them then. (There're no valid triggers for the state, but the text fits the situation.) That setup was apparently replaced by them becoming Enemy(), if not already enemy, and having a verbal constant response instead.


(This is what I observed while editing and testing dialogs to better support the Charm effect and allow the player to get information/trinkets/etc.)


BG2 disables the ability to talk to them in favor of allowing the player to control them to a degree, which is only possible in BG1 if you use actions inside a dialog.

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