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Opcodes #131/137 - Good Chant/Bad Chant


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State: Positive Chant


Mode: Increase/Decrease.

This effect adds a THAC0 bonus which is not visible on the character record sheet but is calculated into the to hit roll. It also adds a damage bonus to the weapon's minimum damage. This bonus will not exceed the weapon's maximum damage. E.g., Chant +4 on a character using a dagger will always inflict 4 points of damage (assuming there are no bonuses from strength, specialisation, magic, etc). A character with Chant +10 will inflict maximum damage with every weapon in the game. This bonus does not affect spells. The effect provides no bonus to saving throws.


State: Negative Chant


Mode: Increase/Decrease

The THAC0 penalty is the same as above. This effect reduces a weapon's maximum damage (to a minimum of 1 point of damage). It also has no effect on saving throws. Remember that to add a penalty with this effect you need to enter a positive value and visa verca.



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