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Opcode #40 - State: Slow


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This is the spell description:


"A Slow spell causes creatures to move and attack at 1/2 of their normal rates. It negates Haste, but does not otherwise affect magically speeded or slowed creatures. Slowed creatures have an Armor Class penalty of +4 to AC, and an attack penalty of -4. Creatures save at -4 vs. the spell."


I just wanted to define exactly what this effect does and does not so we know what parts of the spell to use other effects for. It slows movement, of course, but does not affect the number of attacks. It adds a small initiative penalty, however (I am not sure how much), which even extends to spells but not potions. It does not add the AC or THAC0 penalty, but negates Haste. This applies only to the Haste opcode (which provides the increased movement rate) and the target will still recieve the other penalties (and keep the other Haste bonuses, as well).



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