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Wall doesn't work properly


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This may not be a DLTCEP issue, but I'm trying to make a wall with DLTCEP and it doesn't seem to be working. On one hand, I tried putting a "wall" .wed polygon between my ramp and the main floor, but I can walk right across it. Maybe I don't have a flag set right?


Then I edited the search map to put an actuall wall there too:


But even with both in place, I can walk right across the wall.


There is an exit region here, but I should only be able to get to it from the south (bottom of the ramp), where it's open, and my guy walked right across from the west.

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Walls are not wallgroups.

You make walls by searchmap only.

And cover those corner only connections, PC avatars are cunning, and squeeze through such gaps.

Dunno if dragons are able the same feat, but i wouldn't entirely be surprised.

Apparently they check the searchmap only on the starting and the ending nodes, not in transit.

(In transit checks would make the pathfinder very slow).

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Wallgroups in an area (not the wallgroups used for creating doors or defining overlay boundaries) are purely for dithering the characters when they walk behind/under a structure. As Avenger says, it is the search map which defines the area available for path finding. To clarify his point about node finding:





will let a character walk right through the diagonal boundary between the tens but




will stop that behaviour. It's a PITA at times.




EDIT: had to add two underlines in front of the first tens illustration because the forum software wouldn't accept two spaces <sigh>.

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And cover those corner only connections, PC avatars are cunning, and squeeze through such gaps.
That was it alright, cheers fellas. I was under the impression you could make a "wall" diagonally withouth filling corners since that's the way the search map "fill" function works, but I guess not.
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