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A couple of minor issues with v17


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Thank you!


My bet is I missed this in testing because I always install the NPC portraits component, which goes afterwards.


I am thinking of revisiting/revising most of the regexp material that is present and setting up each as ACTION_FOR_EACH <<resource>> IN <<list_of_resources>> BEGIN <<process>> END blocks, and saving GLOB for the "look at all things present". Most of the project is targeted anyways, unlike mods that globally edit all items and such.


Things are on hold for tonight at least while I fight with ComCast on why my high speed internet suddenly disappeared (again). I prefer fixing stuff at home and reporting to going to Starbucks or "borrowing" work machines at school to go online :)

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Minor thing - hope this is the right place to put it. But a Coran/Kivan banter -


@263 = ~Coran, I would not want to intervene, but do not you think that <CHARNAME> is...~

@264 = ~Coran: What?~


That second Coran shows up in-game.

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When encountering Mutamin with both Shar-Teel and Kivan in party, they both inteject, but they do so with each other's dialogues.



@88 = ~Do you expect me to start screaming at the top of my lungs, because of your stupid lizards? I killed two yesterday; see this belt? Bring them on; I can use more! And I'll let you keep the eyes, heh.~


@83 = ~I saw a true artist near Nashkel mines. Prism poured his soul into a carving of rare beauty - and he gave all of himself to bring the stone to life. You, on the contrary, take others’ lives, madman, and you have created naught but a garden of fear... they are not statues, Mutamin, they are... dead stone.~


The first, which belongs to Shar-Teel, is said by Kivan, and viceversa.

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