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Mission accomplished?!

Guest Jaulus

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Hey guys,


i've searched your forum for a while, but i couldn't find a proper answer...

So i just ask by myself: i want to make sure that i finish the amber romance "successfully" before SoA ends, but i've no idea of what the last romance-banter is. Playing BG2 for me is only about the interaction between the characters, this is why i always take my time and rest a lot ???

But for example with the Bioware-made NPCs (especially Viconia Romance!) i was not sure if i had done every possible love-talk or not!

So before i fight Irenicus, i just want to see if i'm "trough" with the Amber-romance.

For now i'm in chapter 6 and i just got her back to life. She's not talking to me at the moment because she has to "handle" what happened to her.

Do i have to go on to chapter 7 to progress the romance? Or will she say something more in chapter 6?

I don't understand to much of programming (which means: i don't understand nothing at all!) but while playing the amber mod i got the impression that unlike the Bioware romances Amber-progress is related to the chapters one's in, not only to the "in-game-time" progressed?!

I know that best way is finding it out by myself, especially if i wanna enjoy the great role-playing feeling that comes along with this wonderful mod, but i don't wanna pause the game and meet some friends for two hours, just to see if anything happens afterwords.

Thank you for some informations!

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It takes Amber quite a while to get over the vampire thing (but its well worth waiting for IMO). You don't need to advance to chapter 7 for her to get over it though its a timer. Actually I've had the last lovetalk with her as early as chapter 5 so you could be through the whole romance other than the vampire recovery talk, tree of life talk and some chapter 7 interjections.


Besides that what was the last lovetalk you remember having with her about? DO you know how to check global variables? DO you use shadow keeper?

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I'm not using shadowkeeper but i know how to check global variables (though it would be helpful to see the commands again and what they do because i don't have it in mind ??? ) . Amber talked to me now and apologized for her behaviour. Right afterwords we had a "lovetalk", but it was exactly the same like so many times before: "Amber walks next to you and does something" but it's no real interaction. So i always tought this kind of lovetalk would be something like a "makeshift" because she would only go on with the "real" interaction if i progress in the game. Obviously it's not like that!?

I can't remember what the last "real" talk was...

But now in the last lovetalk it was something like "she takes your hand and twists it up with hers. Afterwords she continues walking next to you"

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Oh what your describing is an Amber initiated Flirt not a lovetalk. I always use shadow keeper to check my variable and it won't effect your game at all to install it now if you want to.


If you have "Debug Mode=1" you can check them by openning your console and doing this. Put your curser on Amber's portrait in the sidebar and use this command.



That will give you the lovetalk number, I forget what the last one is but I'll do some digging and find out for you.


BTW: I stole this command line from Grim in another thread because I never check them this way. Credit were its due and all.


Edit: I am having trouble finding the final lovetalk number but I do know she says the "magic worlds" during the last lovetalk if that helps. Man I need to romance Amber again my memory is already getting foggy.

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Ok, i gonna check it with shadowkeeper.

The "magic words"? She told me...A long time ago...in chapter 3 i think...

Sorry to say that now: but that was it? No kidnapping (Jaheira), no "i just changed my mind" (Viconia), no baby (Aerie)? I mean, luckily there's no baby that looks like i could use it as a quick-item, but come on?!

Is it that "floating"? I expected something more "heroic" if you know what i mean...epic story going on, u just save yourself and the world...so maybe i already finished the romance, but i couldn't really figure out an "end"?

That is no critic right now, it was the best NPC mod i ever played. But im just a little bit stunned right now that it ends with the "magic words".

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Ok, i did that.

But the Answer is quite cryptic to me.

Following line shows up:

Global: M#AmberTalk LOCAL

there's no number included which tells me the progress...

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Sorry for the load of posts, but as a guest i can't edit anything.

Forgot the "S" in "LOCALS", hehe

It's actually set to 78. Maybe you can find out if this is it?


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If your on LT 78 then you must have had the "Kidnapping" quest. Other than that as far as being epic, I'm not 100% sure what your looking for. Remember this is a 120-200 year old Tiefling who's never been in a serious relationship (according to her at least, remember her admission the morning after), has outlived the only person she's ever been truely close too and generally makes a bad first impression. I think the fact that she opens up enough to love the PC is pretty epic in and of itself. I'd bet you get to learn alot more about Amber when her ToB portion comes out that will really change the PC's overall view of her. Even though she has tons of talks, flirts, and diologs she still manages to be quite a mystery overall. Think about it, she gets way more information out of you than you get out of her on a personal level, she managed to grow up on the streets on her own and barely gives you any info about it, opting to describe waterdeep instead, she travelled with the circus but you can't even question her about it until after you evesdrop on her giving Imoen some circus details, (whats with the extreme closeness and flirting with Imoen, hmmm she does seem to like her Bhaalspawn better than the rest) she's even fairly vage in her answers about Jill and her Brother and of course what was her explanation for being inAthkatla and actually the Prominod right when you busted out of Irenicus's dungeon? I'm not doubting that she loves the PC just saying lots of questions. I often wonder if she got involved with the PC for other reasons and then fell for him which she certainly wouldn't have expected.


Yes I'm way too into Amber, sorry. :blush:

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First of all, thanks for your help! It would be nice to know if i finished it or not.

For the second point i think u got me wrong. Everything u said is right, and i see the wonderful concept that is behind Amber. But in fact, won't u agree that the true story of the whole BG-Saga is in SoA? I mean: BG1 is a wonderful game but the engine just doesn't allow things like a romance or well-fitting NPC-banters. In ToB it's more of a classical D&D adventure without a real plot: kill your half-brother here, kill the next one there...perfect roleplaying-atmosphere is found in SoA only! I'm into p&p roleplaying since 10 years, but i still adore the wonderful creativity and density of SoA. Even if some quests aren't finished (like the Bonnie&Clyde couple in Athkatla). Maybe it is such a wonderful masterpiece because of this. Untold stories are the best to dream yourself away!

And here it comes to the Amber mod: for me (and maybe just for me) everything important about Amber belongs to the rest of a wonderful setting, not to the Add-on pack. Why do u think that many people play with Amber in ToB even if she's "dumb" right now? I think it's because in this part of the BG-Saga it's much more about a powerful party than about romancing someone (and a fighter-thief is very powerful!). Just look on how ToB was originally planned --> ascension mod! This is power-gaming, not roleplaying: Scorched earth everywhere, from one fight into another. In SoA on the other hand: wonderful settings, landscape, thiefings, lots of different opportunities, etc.

That is the reason why i was just a little bit displeased when i posted my answer yesterday. Resting next to a standpipe (so i did this one! :blush: ) is one of these examples! In SoA: wonderful! In ToB: not even possible

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My saves say "AmberRomanceOut#0" and I can't find the Talk variable...... hmmm, sorry. I'm sure Meira will check in sometime she probably knows it off the top of her head, I don't even have Amber installed right now to browse through the files and see.


BTW I completely agree about ToB its way to linear and your basically too powerfull for it to be challanging ...... but Amber's relationship with the PC is not as wrapped up as most others are at the end of SoA so there's still alot that can happen.

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"M#AmberTalk" is a local variable so you'll find it on Amber's character file if you check in ShadowKeeper (or float your mouse over her portrait if you're checking it with the console).


I don't have Amber installed, I was just sticking an old save in my saves folder and gecking the globals in shadowkeeper. Forgot to check hers locally in the save I'll do it tonight. Thanks Grim.

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