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I have an idea. Is there interest?


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Forgive me for my insolent ( ;) ) manners. I am prone to simply 'posting' (and perhaps not reading/thinking through what I post) when I am fatigued. It's quite hard to take classes at gymnasium, university, and work. I am aware it sounds like an excuse, although it's not the first time it has happened these hard days.


I'll give you a 'better' feedback, now that I am less tired and was able to review the idea. Of course, I am one of those people who would go their own way (it does shine through in a way) unless someone convinces me it is a better idea to do something else, or I change my viewpoints (I admit it happened several times before). :) Still, public viewpoints (and demands) vary from place to place and from group to group, so it's hard to write an "ideal mod". :) Nevertheless, I suggest try it.



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To think about it he fits better than Yoshimo in Yoshimo's shoes, due to Yoshimo's story being largerly undevelopped.

Yoshi's character is rather well developed in the TS mod, but otherwise, no, he was always lacking. For someone not playing BP and needing a good thief early on, this sounds like the one to grab.


Any chance of banters that lead to character upgrades? That is, he teaches another thief a skill so the student's skills improve? The NPC project for BG1 does this nicely, as does Planescape. Perhaps Nalia could learn enough to actually be useful? :)

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