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Delainy and Durlyle

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The dialogue is a perfect example of how *bad* unisex romancing can be. I played it yesterday to add Coran's interjections and the finale, and honestly, it maybe cute when a vilklage historian girl asks big and brave male PC to go fetch her a cloak and flowers which she then gives to you along with the gentle kiss, but the reverse situation becomes nigh ridiculous! A man that asks me to bring *him* flowers and then *gives* them to me?!! I have no desire whatsoever to have that Durlyle in my group after that.


I especially appreciated the 'unisexsessness' of the answer for my FEMALE PC:


"I am not your errand boy"


said my blonde tender elven girl to the wideshouldered werewolf Durlyle...

Well, the game isn't perfect by any means. Even Elminster slips up and refers to the female PC as a male on at least one occasion (but I can't remember if it's in BG1 or BG2.)


Anyway, I hadn't seen those dialogs for a female PC, so looks like I have some editing to do when I get around to that DLG file. I'll most likely just make Durlyle a seperate NPC and have him be Del's brother or something.

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Anyway, I hadn't seen those dialogs for a female PC...


It is word for word the same as male PC's except that PC uses m'lord instead of m'lady. I wanted to revise the texts to have him ask for th cloak, but give flowers to PC instead of asking for her to bring some...

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I should have said I hadn't experienced that dialog, having never played a female PC in BG1. I have scanned the DLG files with NI, however, but it wasn't a close inspection by any means. :cry:


Hmmm, I found the line you refer too, about the "errand boy". I must've fixed it already because it reads "errand girl" now. That's what I get for doing fixes over the course of a year w/o keeping track. :blush:


I think the flowers are a test to see if the player would be as interested in helping Del/Dur as they were the village. If you fail to bring them, she/he says something to the effect of "the moment has passed, ah well." indicating you weren't the sort of person she/he hoped you were. If you do bring the flowers, her/his hopes are confirmed and the flowers are offered as a sign of friendship "and more". Sort of a "will you sacrifice some of your time to do this for me, or won't you" thing. Actions speak louder than words, and all that.


Well, that's my take on it. ;)

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well, I would go with 'herb I wanted to study' for a female PC and then him noting that they are pretty apart from being medicinal at the very least, and hence giving them to her. Durlyle frivously asking my PC to go find him some blooms the third time he sees her did not work as a romantic/friendship trial for me. Partialy because woman who buys herself flowers was always a cliche for indicating a lonely woman. Doing so on the command of a guy who just sent you into the frey without even accompanying you... does not work romantic wonders on me. And, as usually we lack the politely declining options, lol

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