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Missing Flirts?

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Bishop should show up in the Glade instead of Shandra. If he did not and isn't in the Flaggons after the Glade, try checking your game prior to the Glade departure for the Missing Companion Bug.

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Guest Elflady182

No one on the web seemed to have this answer, and I don't know if anyone here ever figured it out, so here it is: you need and influence of Devoted (>75) with Gann for the love confession to trigger in the Skien. From what I can tell in the Toolset, you can simply not initiate dialogue with Gann until your influence is high enough and when you do the conversation should still trigger (I could be wrong, but that it what it looked like to me). At the very least, you should be able to wait until you finish the Coven off - giving you quite a few chances to gain influence with him if you make the right choices.


Hope somebody finds this helpful. :suspect:

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