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Losing rep for killing Marl

Capt Massacre

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If that's the correct place to put it, here's a request:

In BG1, at Beregost, at Feldepost's inn, the first time you come in, there's a guy 'Marl' who provokes you. If you're smart, you can talk him out of the fight and get 900 (ch)easy xp. But if there's a fight, he's very good, but unarmed, he can only knock you out, never kill. But you can. I think you should lose 1 reputation point for killing an unarmed man, no matter how bothersome he was.


(Of course, the same goes for Noober.)

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Afair Marls starts fight first, without being provoked. It's self-defence for a party, so there's no reason for reputation loss in this case.

Correct. The only change to that encounter (by Fixpack?) is that if you kill Marl after a friendly resolution you get a rep. hit. Which is as it should be.

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Really, I'm disappointed by this kind of answers. Another reasonable request I made (removing cheesy immunity to level drain from berserkers) was totally ignored too. You leave me no choice but to 'mod' myself to get what I want, and that's what I'm gonna do!

If you are the only one who finds them reasonably, is it still a reasonable request? And even if it is, by your arbitration, should tweakpackers volunteer to make the change for you? Nay I say - if you want rep loss for fighting an defensive battle, mod it yourself.

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Well, afaict, Marl's encounter is unavoidable, so wouldn't your idea mean an unavoidable rep loss?? (unless you for some reason decided to avoid Feldepost's entirely ... bye bye charisma cloak :suspect:)


Might I suggest (if you do make a mod out of it) that you implement some sort of option to avoid the fight. I think some mod already adds an option (BG1NPC??) but I didn't get it in my last playthrough, probably cause of a high charisma requirement or somesuch :laugh:

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