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BG1 NPCs to BG2?

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- Xzar, Montaron, Shar-Teel, Kagain, (NPC for latest quest) + Evil PC.

- more likely to hang out with Thayvian wizards and Zhentarim agents than Harpers and rangers.


BG2 Start

Imoen, chirpy do-gooder.

Jaheira, bossy Harper do-gooder (pretending to be neutral).

Khalid, wussy Harper do-gooder (somewhat worse for wear).

Minsc, deranged do-gooder.


No fair!

Ok, Imoen might be too much trouble to remove from BG2.

But is there a mod that lets you continue BG2 with your BG1 NPCs?

Or one with dragons with feet like rabbits?

Ideally i'd like to start with the BG1 NPC's or be able to meet them later.


Wishful thinkings and ponderings

-Link up with Xzar to actually save Montaron if you had them in your party from BG1.

-Spring Tiax out of Spellhold if he helped you kill Sarevok.

-Kagain would get along great with Korgan. Except when splitting the loot.

-Shar Teel is a kick-butt warrior (dual to thief) not requiring any additional romance scripting!

-Etc. Etc. Stuff like that.

Haven't even asked about BG1npc's all getting dialogues for BG2. i'm not greedy.

Unless those are out there too...



Shame BG1 doesn't flow as well into BG2. Especially when it comes to NPCs. :D

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A thread of NiGHTMARE's. :D


Just in case there's anyone who doesn't know about them :D


Ajantis (part of the Nocturnal Supremacy mod): website / forum (author: Seifer)


Alora (part of the CoM Encounters mod): forum (authors: The Chosen of Mystra)


Branwen (part of the Lands of Intrigue mod): website / forum (authors: Tameon the Dragoon & Jolyth)


Coran: n/a


Dynaheir (part of the Daughter of the Drow mod) - website / forum (authors: The Chosen of Mystra)


Eldoth: n/a


Faldorn: n/a


Garrick: n/a


Kagain: n/a


Khalid: n/a


Kivan (this version, with extra content): website / forum


Kivan (alternative version :D): forum (author: Star Dragonmaiden)


Montaron: n/a


Quayle: n/a


Safana: n/a


Shar-Teel: website / forum (author: Cliffette)


Skie: n/a


Tiax: n/a


Xan: website (author: Talon)


Yeslick (part of The Undying mod): forum (authors: The Chosen of Mystra)


You can also find several of the BG1 NPCs - including Kivan - in The Darkest Day, but they don't really say much.


Coran and Dynaheir both feature in Tortured Souls, but they're intended more as easter-eggs, and consequently again don't say very much.

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