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starting racial boni


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I wonder about the racial boni mentioned in their descriptions in character generation (for non-iwd2 games). As far as I can tell most of them are hardcoded.


In bg2 they are supposed to get:

Dwarf: infravision (via effect/direct state change, I guess), resistance to poisons and magic (via savecndh.2da)

Elf: infravision, resistant to charm & sleep (unimplemented), swords/bows -1THAC0 (truly hardcoded)

Gnome: infravision, magic resistance (via savecng.2da)

Halfling: limited infravision (smaller range/overlay?), high resistance to poisons and magic (via savecndh.2da), slings -1 THAC0 (truly hardcoded)

Half-elf: infravision, limited resistance vs charm/sleep (unimplemented)


Iwd supposedly implements some of that sleep/charm immunity, gives dwarves a THAC0/AC bonus vs giantkin and also gives halflings the THAC0 bonus for other throwables. The last difference is likely from the way the proficiencies are done in bg2.


Now for the questions:

1. Did I miss something?

2. Is the dwarvish bonus like with hated races/hammer of giantkin (-4) or less (-1)? What about AC (AD&D says -4)?

3. Does anyone know the specifics of how the halfling infravision differs from the normal one?

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1: Are you going with what the manual says or what AD&D says?

2: Dwarves gain a +4 AC bonus vs attacks from these creatures. I implemented it in FotD by giving these creatures a THAC0 penalty via EFFs.

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