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Introducing the Vengeful Rhapsody Mod!

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Umm...hello. I...uhh...have a mod now, and thought I should advertise...Seemed like the thing to do...


The purpose of this mod is to add two new, very different characters to BGII. The plan so far is to include both SoA and ToB content, but only time will tell.


Dimitri and Maruk will be two very different NPCs, as it was said before. They could be considered each others mirrors. Maruk, on one hand, will be a Half-Orc (CG Barbarion, though the class is tentative) who will try to break free of his race's stereotype and show the world he is a good person. On the other hand there's Dimitri (NG Bard, kit undecided), a seemingly happy-go-lucky bard waiting for the perfect moment to tell his dark story.


The main focus of the mod will be redemption. Both NPCs will have to go through it, and it will be a long, bumpy road for the both of them. Unlike Viconia, it will be a slow process spanning most of the game. Several encounters throughout the game (meeting old friends and enemies) will test the two's determination to be redeemed, and the player must help them through these encounters. Or, if the player chooses, you may convince them that redemtion is just not possible for them.


Both of these NPCs will have at least five banters with all of the BioWare NPCs.


The main quest mentioned before will begin in the Government District of Athkatla. According to a member of the counsil (doesn't matter who, but hopefully we can get an unused one), there has been strange activity going on in an old, abandoned keep near Trademeet and the Druid's Grove. It seems it is an Orc Tribe trying to use the space as a summoning site for a demon (or any sort of beast, really...) that they are going to use to attack De 'Arnise Keep (whether or not the quest at the keep has been completed). You are then asked if you would investigate, and may request both an upfront payment and assistance in the form of some Athkatla guards. Upon your arrival, the tribe is much larger than the counsil member had led on, and it becomes a difficult struggle to break into the keep and stop the summoning, rather than just destroying the tribe entirely. I don't think it's wise to spoil what happens later, but it should be said that there will be a good and evil solution to the quest. Also, in order to recruit Maruk, the quest must at least be started, as he is a member of the tribe of Orcs that are summoning the demon.


You can find the mod, which is currently in-progress, here. http://forums.rpgdungeon.net/index.php?board=30.0

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