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BGT BG1 NPC v1 bug thread


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I'm experiencing a few difficulties with the BGT version of BG1NPC. It could just be a bad install, I'm not suggesting hlid or anyone go bughunting without corroboration...just putting these out there FYI.


Edwin doesn't leave after reputation hits 18. At random intervals while with the party, he'll ask to join. If respond as if letting him join, a few seconds later, his picture disappears from the sidebar and he asks to join again. I don't have a "happy patch" installed; I'd intended to play the Edwin Romance on this runthrough, but that's not compatible with BGT-BP because the songlist is maxed.


Dialogues Khalid starts with Jaheira aren't working. Jaheira never responds. Dialogues Jaheira starts with Khalid are fine.


The serious one--Viconia's first talk, when preparing to rest for the first time after she joins, crashes the game when it goes to the "rest" movie. Now it doesn't matter what I do, rest with her, kick her out and rest, go to an inn and rest...when I rest, the game crashes. Other save games prior to her joinng are still normal, so unless someone else has a suggestion, I'll just have to replay a few hours...


Otherwise, this has been fantastic! Thanks again for this, Hlid!

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Okay, this may not have anything to do with Viconia at all.


My last non-quicksave/autosave was when I got back from Bone Hill. I swapped Branwen for Kivan, played through Firewine, Ulcaster, the Basilisk area, the Red Wizards at the ruins area, and Larswood (not in that order). When I arrived in Peldvale (the area in which Viconia is found) I rested, and the game crashed. I reloaded the autosave, in which I had just finished up in Ulcaster, and the game crashed when I rested. I reloaded my quicksave, which was about halfway through the Firewine Ruins area. This time the game didn't crash on resting, but I was interrupted by a horde of zombies. After killing them, I rested, and the game crashed. So something, somewhere, appears to be now preventing the game from finding the resource for the movie that plays when you rest.


I'm about 50 days in, have rested often. I'm in Chapter 4, and have done just about everything it's possible to do before going to the bandit camp. I haven't been experiencing these crashes until just now. And it's not random, i.e. once I have the problem I have it every time I try to rest, not sporadically.


I have SoBH, DSotSC, BG1NPC (& music), TGC, Rastor's item pack, the Thief revision pack (w/Chosen of Cyric encounter), some G3Tweak components, and approved EoU components installed on a BP-BGT-NeJ platform. I played with the same content, less BG1NPC and DSotSC, through to Chateau Irenicus a month ago without this issue.


I'll be happy to dig around in NI if you have any suggestions, but I've no idea what to look for.

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Actually, that new crashing on resting type bug is usually symptomatic of a bad spell. Either in book or innate. I'm guessing one of the NPCs you picked up has a faulty innate, either bugged or corrupted by mod conflict. Failing that, have you memorized any new spells lately?

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I thought I had it narrowed down, I was able to rest in Peldvale when I went there before going into the Ulcaster Ruins. I was able to rest in the Bandit Camp area. However, once I try to rest after beginning Chapter 5, I'm again crashing. So it could be almost anything.


Guess I'll try a complete reinstall and see how that does.

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A complete rebuild doesn't help. Chev, I don't have (and haven't had) Safana. Party currently consists of Jaheira, Khalid, Imoen, Edwin, and Kivan, with Xzar, Montaron, Garrick, Kagain, Branwen, Xan, and Fabio rotated in and out.


But maybe Kivan has a similar issue to what you describe for Safana. I'll have to try kicking him out tonight and see what happens.

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Actually, that new crashing on resting type bug is usually symptomatic of a bad spell. Either in book or innate. I'm guessing one of the NPCs you picked up has a faulty innate, either bugged or corrupted by mod conflict. Failing that, have you memorized any new spells lately?

Did you add any of the new spells from DSotSC? Remember they don't work yet.


As a different bug, I haven't had anyone comment on the dreams yet during this test run. Xzar sometimes did in past games but I don't have him in the group this time. Was he the only one that was supposed to ask anyway?

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No, I haven't even seen any new spells from DSotSC yet. The only spells my characters have that aren't from the original game are the ones in the spellbooks in Bone Hill. So unless you put some there, absolutely not.


And no one commented on the dreams. I got the note and began Chapter 5, rested, the dream screen and dialogue came up, then the game crashed. In fact, now that I think about it, in TuTu runs Imoen asked about at least one of the dreams, and she hasn't done it this time.

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I started a new game and raced through the must-do stuff ASAP to get to the beginning of Chapter 5. When I rested after beginning the chapter, the game did not crash, so there's nothing intrinsically wrong with that sequence, just something screwed up in my old savegames.


I'm going to reload my last save, go hit Bone Hill, come back and redo the bandit camp, then proceed through Cloakwood and then start testing the DSotSC quests.


Thanks all for the suggestions.

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I just started a new game. No one talked to the PC after the first dream. I checked through the globals and I think I see the problem but Hlid would need to confirm this. The DREAM global is set to -1. The BG1DREAM is set to 1. So, does BGT uses the BG1DREAM instead of DREAM so the global woudl be available for the SOA part? If so, we need to modify the scripts to match this global. If not, what does a -1 do? Doesn't that keep a global from incrementing?


What is confusing is that when I tested this before, Xzar would talk to me about troubled dreams. So thought all the dream dialogs were working fine. However, now I am not so sure. It may have been perfect timing for this dialog right after a rest.


Imoen's script for a dream dialog looks for Chapter being 2 and Dream being 2. This probably isn't going to happen. When you arrive in Nashkel, you are at Chapter 3 (for BGT, not TuTu I guess) and you get your first dream at this point. So her check needs to be for a higher chapter or use a GT comparison.

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