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BG2 romanceable males, split from Sand Romance

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So there's actually no way to swap companion's portrait and use custom ones both in BGI and BGII? :)


What potrait can I actually swap then,only my PC's ones? :hm:


Guess my confusion is bigger than usual since I need sleep :undecided:

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No, you can still change the portraits, you just need to change it using a game editor, not with a mod.


To change it with a game editor, like ShadowKeeper, which will work with both Tutu and BG2, you should:


  1. Make up your portraits, if they are not already made. The medium portrait should be 110x170 pixels, be saved as a 24-bit BMP, and be called something unique and easily recognizable, like ---ajanM.bmp. The small portrait should be 38x60 pixels, be saved as an 8-bit BMP, and be called something unique and easily recognizable, like ---ajans.bmp.
  2. Download ShadowKeeper here. Install it following the installation instructions provided with the utility. Configure it to find your game directory.
  3. Place the portraits you made in your game directory in a folder called "portraits"
  4. After you recruit the NPC, save the game, then exit the game.
  5. Run ShadowKeeper and open the saved game.
  6. You will see your character's portrait. Underneath it, there is a scroll bar. You can use that to find the NPC you want to modify.
  7. Once you find the NPC you want to modify, hit the "Change Portraits" button. You will be presented with a list that contains the portraits you added earlier.
  8. Save the edited game with ShadowKeeper.
  9. Start up the game again and load your edited save. The portrait will be changed.


Hope this helps.

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This clarifies stuff a lot indeed,thank you from the bottom of my heart ! :hm:


Of course to do some testing I still need the actual game (ah,pesky reality with its dull details!);meanwhile,onward to photoshop,I guess :undecided:

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Thank you for the offer,I'll remember that!


For now I think I will be fine though;me and photoshop have a long standing relationship,despite our occasional fights *laughs*


Of course I can't do things from scratch,since I have 0 art skills;but basic editing of existing images and whatnot isn't generally a problem :)


FINDING suitable images to edit,now that's the usual challenge :hm:


And since I still didn't play BGI thouroughly and I have vague memories of BGII,I am unsure of what to look for,as well;I usually form my view on a certain character which guides me.....I guess I could start doing a portrait for MY PC,meanwhile (or potential potraits for the potential PCs I would play *laughs*).


I wonder if I can import some of the nwn potraits in BG too?Although I remember those being in tga and having different resolutions :undecided:

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Photoshop can open tga files just fine. I went on a portrait downloading spree the other day on the Vault, so, yeah, it works. You'll need to resize and convert them, but that's it.


If the portraits are just for your use, check out some stock images on Deviantart. There's some very very nice photos there, as well as excellent digital art and portraits that you could use.


Heh, I know what you mean about *the* PC portrait. I've been using the same PC for the past year, and I'm still looking for the right portrait - in the mean time, she's significantly changed in race, class, and appearance three or four times, at least :undecided:


Oh yeah, and you might find Amaurea's "baldurization" tutorial/guide useful, so here it is.

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Ehm, Ipsy, I don't think I have understood... how are you supposed to be using the same PC if she has changed race, class and appearance? o_O


However, in my opinion, one the biggest cons on BG romances were right the portrait! :-D almost all NPCs are so ugly!

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Guest cuppycake
So I can have Kivan in BG2? Oh, I have to buy a present for Domi at Xmas! :-D


I'd buy her one too, were it possible.


BG1NPC, Kivan, Bishop, IWD 2 NPC.. the lady just keeps writing amazing characters.


I'd get one for her, Kulyok and Berelinde. I could send idiotic, glittery, colorful ecards but I get the feeling that would just get me an e-restraining order.


I'd send one to all of G3 but then I would be labeled insane and locked away somewhere.


I just like sending glittery e-cards, okay?! :)

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