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It has been many months , and I was never able to finish ICWD2 or the mod , for the simple reason that I had other priority . But I want to play it now and see the end of game and hopefully get a happy ending with the romance that I choose .

But before I can do so , there are a couples of things I would like to know about some romances , I did read the FAQ and README . They were clear but didn't answer my questions in full , thats why I'm here (considere this topic full of S-P-O-I-L-E-R, thanx)


ok , I'm gonna start with the hard cookie since his romance even though give me a headech (because he is too smart and I'm not , brain hurt when I'm done reading his text lol) Diriel : In the readme it say he only romance Elf . But in ICWD2 when you click on the Elf button you get 3 choices , and Drows are considered Elf no ? so can he romance a drow if I take a drow or is that not in his menue ? Also one other thing , let say I take an elf (no drow) do I have to be evil and do what he suggest (SPOILER!: aka kill the humans at the mills and all) for the romance to be perfect? or can I be a goodie two shoes and refuse to listen to him and he still romance my charname ? and last (this is a 2 questions in 1) can you change him like say you did back in BG2 with Viconia and change her allignement ? and do you have to be evil , I mean if I listen to him and agree with his view toward the humans and all , will my alignement change ?


Second romance (yes I'm trying a female for once) : Rizdaer : can he romance a drow? And last what do you think of this party choice ? : I'm aiming at fun banters not power gaming :blush:







I'm not sure about Peony , does she have lot of banter with this party ? or she better with a male charname?

Again sorry if this was already asked but I couldn't find any clear answer anywhere :laugh:

btw I can take Hildury without Sir Nord and still have a good amount of banters with her right? cause Sir Nord as much as I love him (best paladin that was ever made if you ask me) but his voice is so annoying (no offense meant) . But I love and adore Hildury , don't think I can make a party without her ! she is so well done ! almost make me wanna romance her LOL


Thank you in Advance ,

And thank you for this amazing mod :laugh:

**argh I keep forgetting things , does your class play any role in the romance ? I know Salomya doesnt date bards (afraid he maybe better then her lol) , but other than that , I can be anything and still be good and have a romance ? cose I never played a necro and I think that make you evil ? argh making a new charachter , choose a class and alignement is the hardest thing for me...cant make up my mind lol

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Direil will not romance a Drow. You can argue with Diriel to an extent, but you cannot change him. Your character will have to go along with his agenda, and she has to be comfortable with it, otherwise a lot in the romance has the potential to infuriate you. I would really advise folks to romance Direil only if they do dig him and have the ability to enjoy the content that is not super-respectful to the PC. Same as Salomeya. :blush:


With Rizdaer, if you are playing a drow, you have an extra path opened to you, kind of a joke path, that results in basically a new set of flirts added. It can be reverted to a normal path from there if you get tired of it.


You can actually have a 'side' romance with Hildury (a few romantic responces here and there) with a happy ending in an Epilogue if you are playing a half-orc. You will have banter with her sans Nord, but some dialogues get missed and stuff. You can also replace Nord's, one anyone elses' voice sets through the game's default GUI. :laugh:


Peony has a lot of banter, and if you are playing a female romancing Rizdaer, she will act as a conflicting romantic interest, and will have interjections to that regard.

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