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Something about compatibility with aTweaks' fiend summoning


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I read something about some conflict between aTweaks and Spell Revisions (link). If you know what the problem is, could you elaborate? (And not keep these things to yourself in the future? ;))
Oh, sorry I forgot you now handle aTweaks, and I was going to "fix" the compatibility issue by making Revised Fiends (and thus ProEvil changes) an optional component...but if you can handle it adding a check to aTweaks it's even better. Thanks.
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For dumb players such as me it would be nice if the readme (be it SR or IR) states wether specific components of aTweaks should be avoided if the player wants to see all benefits from SR.


Thanks in advance

You have to skip SR's Protection from Evil spells (both 1st and 4th lvl versions) if you want to play with aTweaks PnP Fiends. If you instead want to keep SR/SCS fiends just don't install aTweak's fiends over SR/SCS ones (which is obviously how SR is meant to be played).
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