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I'm really glad you're still looking forward to the ToB part after all this time, but there's still a fair chunk to do. I did get those two talks done (three, if you consider that one of those talks wound up combining two planned talks), but that's still over a month of writing and then it has to go through alpha and beta testing. I'm hoping to have the beta ready by the Feast of the Moon (end of Uktar - November) for a Solstice release, but history has shown that deadlines are rarely met. Trying to get into a Faerun frame of mind...

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Just letting you know, I'm writing the last PC dialogue now. After that, I need to stitch the pieces together, double-check the scripting, and do an alpha run.


At this point, we're on schedule for a fully-functional beta, hopefully in time for the long weekend many of us get at the end of November.

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ToB alpha testing is going fine. We're about to go check out some Oasis in Tethyr, and all the talks have been firing fine up to this point. I'm still on schedule for having a beta available for testing over Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to have everything implemented by that point... except possibly the NPC-initiated flirts, which I'm still on the fence about.


I was thinking about cutting the rest-time frolicking. Was. I figured that ToB is serious, blah, blah, blah. But ToB is also boring, at least to me. So, I'll see what I can do about alleviating some of that.

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