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Guest Lilyana

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Guest Lilyana

Berelinde, do you have any estimates on when the ToB portion of the mod is coming out? I understand why the progress has been stalled and I don't want to rush, I just wish to know if you think it'll be out this month or later. I'm really itching to start my BG2 run soon, and I was wondering if I should go ahead and start my game or wait for a few more weeks.


If not, would it be possible to have a separate install for the ToB portion so it could be added to a game halfway through?


Sorry to hear about your partner. I can totally understand why everything else is now on back-burner. My husband was diagnosed with cancer a few years back and he went through some radical leg surgery. For the first year there was little else in the world but the leg and cancer recurrence check-ups, in the second year life started feeling normal again, and in the third year the whole thing is starting to feel like distant past, even though life is still affected by the surgery. Somehow life adjusts and you can learn to live with anything.

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It's going to be at least another 2 months. I wanted to get it done sooner but I'm working 12-hour days at work and that doesn't leave much time for modding. Or much of anything, really.


In any case, it would certainly be possible to make a separate "ToB only" download to avoid putting the player through the pain of a full reinstall.


Glad to hear that your husband has made such a good recovery. For both your sakes, I hope it keeps feeling like the distant past. That's the best place for life-altering health issues.

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Guest Lilyana
I'm working 12-hour days at work


Yeesh! That's nuts!


In any case, it would certainly be possible to make a separate "ToB only" download to avoid putting the player through the pain of a full reinstall.


Much appreciated! ;)

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Right now, the status is unchanged, but that does not mean there has been no progress.


My modding computer is down because I stepped on it (long story), but it's fixable and covered by accidental damage insurance. I just finished removing the hard drive so I can ship it back to Dell, in fact. So that's good news. My desktop was recently infected by a hideous virus and I was forced to wipe it and reinstall my OS. I had everything backed up, but it's taking me a while to get all my modding stuff reinstalled. At the moment, I can't even do simple maintenance updates to already-finished mods, but another afternoon's work should remedy that. Just need to find an afternoon to do it. The good news is that I've been writing on my lunch hours, so I'll be sending some dialogue off to my editors soon, too.

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Now I know where Gavin's clumsiness comes from. :) I'm very happy that the mod is still moving forward. I always love your writing style.

:laugh: Probably true, about the clumsiness, but it came to be because he used to be a PnP character and I got extra skill points from the DM because his clumsiness struck at humorous moments.


Would it frighten you to learn that I work with radioactive materials as a RL profession? Perhaps it should. :hm:


Today wasn't a good writing day, but yesterday was. Got a talk and a half done. One step at a time.

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Guest KatWi

It's so awesome to hear some news! xD


I was dying for some info about ToB status! There is nothing worse than waiting for weeks and seeing no info.

Especially because I'm sure that mod will be worth waiting for. And I don't want to sound impertinent, I really love you for your hard work!


Well, I wanted to say something more than that, but I cannot remember. xD


Good luck and know that you are a great person! xD I like both your mods and your posts very much.

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Thank you! I registered just so I can fall at your feet and worship you. :laugh: Gavin is magnificent, and I am *spoiled* and I *like it*.


Other NPCs just don't do it for me anymore. :hm:


I've played thru BGI and BGII and have been idly playing thru with other NPCs simply because I wanted to play thru TOB and I'm frustrated that Gavin doesn't continue on...but it sounds like relief is in the future? I shall do dances of joy!


It's little compensation for all the time and effort and love and all that you've put into the mod, but thank you again!


I'm eagerly awaiting Gavin for TOB...and trying so hard to be patient...thank you!!!

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Thanks for the continued encouragement!


For the first time in a long, long time, I've got progress to report. I added a dialogue to ToB, so now, instead of 17 planned talks, there will be 18. And of those, all but 7 are written. I'm on a roll, so I'm going to try to get at least another talk or two done today.



  • ToB joining dialogue
  • 7 PC dialogues
  • Interjections (except for Saradush, which are done and tested)
  • ToB-specific additions to PID
  • NPC-initiated flirts
  • Thrice-cursed epilogues, the bane of my existence

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