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French translation not present


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The version 2 is supposed to add a french translation, but the code in .tp2 isn't done. There's only:

LANGUAGE  ~English~  ~english~  ~iu_iwd/languages/english/setup.tra~
LANGUAGE ~Russian (by Prowler, Accolon, Hawkmoon, Skaramush, Aldanis Darkwood)~ ~russian~ ~iu_iwd/languages/russian/setup.tra~

Is it possible to add the french one, please? The .tra files are in the directory, and the translation was done by Lothringen.


Thanks. :)

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I'm stuck for time right now, but I will poke about and ask for help - for the French community, meanwhile, I will just do a "silent" update (no outer package change so BWP etc. don't have to make changes) which enables the French translation and bumps to WeiDU v224. Before I do, can Les d'Oghmatiques please check this package and make sure it installs correctly on a French install?


[>> test_ItemUpgrade_IWD-v2.exe <<]

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