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problems installing banter pack

Guest schein

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hi i'm trying to install the banter pack for bg1 tutu... as far as i can tell tutu itself installed fine, but when i try and install the banter pack i keep gtting errors that it cant find things located in chitin.key... i'm not quite sure what's causing the problem though. i've just reinstalled bg1 and ToSC and bg2 + ToB, i patched, i ran the tutu thing (here was my first point of confusion, tutu says install other mods for it before running it and the banter pack says it must be run after tutu, i did it after running tutu like the banter pack said) had no errors on the conversion, but soon as i try and install banter pack all i get are those cant find files errors :/ any advice?

I dont know if this makes a dif. but i noticed my bg1 game is the UK version wheras my bg2 is the US version. could that be the problem? any help would be appreciated.

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hmm, i will try uninstalling bg1 and reinstalling ti making sure it's the full install and see if that changes anything... thanks for the tip, wish me luck ;p

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