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Ah UU, that brightend up the day. You are a damaged, but amusing man. The sudden skew into Monty Python actualy took me by surprise, but I should know better by now.  :)

well, yep...it kinda took me by surprise too...until my very drunk muse explained to me...where else would you find knights wearing silk, racy lingerie...


then it all made sense...at least until we both sobered up...hic... :):blush::cry:


thank you so much for reading and commenting!!! ;):p:7up::);)

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This story has left the realm of mortal parodies and is walking with the gods. And the gods wear lingerie and sing Monty Python parody songs.


Nice  :7up:

thank you so very much!!!


urm...can't you imagine zeus wearing a pink calimshite teddy with peekaboo panels??? :):):blush:




thank you!!! :cry:;):p;)

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... I don't think I can ever look at Anomen now without thinking "Maid, fetch me my whip!"


Whee. Heh. :)



just the other day, i was at "spencer's" novelty store, and i saw a santa hat with fake plastic spikes and a black and red striped body...right next to some bondage theme christmas decorations... ;)


i just knew that the bondage jokes were going to do well... :rolleyes::D

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She blushed at all the times helping him scratch his back led to other things...including their children.

Best line ever! :rolleyes:

I think you've hit upon the two things Athkatla was missing: Jan Springer and clip-clopping coconut shells!



i forgot to work in a line about...


"I scratch your back, you scratch my back!"


which i was planning to write into this section...rats...


oh well...




Jan: So we are off to raise some cash to save the lassie, eh? What a fine company to do it in, too. Well, except for the stakes being your sister, I remember the last time we raced the clock to raise a tidy sum to be sent to hopefully bail out my uncle's buisness. You see, my uncle Buford Janssen ran the family's most lucrative buisness. The Swallow Express!!! You see, there is this special rare breed of turnip that resides over the sea in Kuran-Tur. The Trufflenip!!! This rare type of turnip is so rare and so highly prized by the gnomish palate, thousands of gnomes every year make the long trip overseas to eat it the short time it grows, and the rest is pickled and sold at fabulous price here in Amn. Or anywhere gnomes are found. Now uncle Buford had a good friend, named Dr. Donothing, a human, who claimed he could talk to the animals! As mad as a hatter, but he could control swallows. A most unusual power for a human. Well, uncle Buford knew that the Athlankian Swallow heads to Kuran-Tur for the winter, and once they arrive they become the Kuran-Turian swallows until summer comes around again. Then, they get back to Athlanka, aided by the seasonal winds. So he got the bright idea of having the swallows carry Trufflenips on small packs tied to their back, and thus sell fresh trufflenips in Amn, and the sword coast. We all knew this would be a winner, so the entire family invested. I naturally joined an adventuring band to do some quick gold. Unfortunately the buisness fell through after a while....You see, it all had to do with airspeed velocity. What is the airspeed Velocity of a Trufflenip laden swallow?


Nalia: Athlankian, or Kuran-Turian?


Jan: Oh, I don't know, but it didn't matter, you see the poor dears with the extra weight couldn't outrun the seasonal typhoons...drowned, every one.


The party decided to go to the Copper Coronet to drink many many drinks.


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