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Looking for experienced modder for help in interesting project

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I have a very interesting idea for introducing a new NPC into the Baldur's Gate trilogy that will add more depth, and maybe a little intrigue, to the main storyline. While many NPCs have been added to the game, including NPCs with romances and voice-acted dialogue, I don't believe the sort of project I have in mind has ever been undertaken.


I am seeking an experienced modder who knows how to add NPCs to the game to assist me in a new project that will breath a little life back into the Bhaalspawn trilogy. I would do this myself, however, I don't know the first thing about modding, and being a full-time student in a health care field I simply do not have the time to delve deeply into it. Essentially, I am looking for someone who can take my ideas, and put them into the game. My ideas are also incomplete (I only have a rough sketch in my head so far), so I would also need someone who can help me write the NPC storyline. Full credit will be given to everyone who works with me on this project.


Some things that may come up during this project:

-Addition of a newNPC who can accompany the PC through Baldur's Gate(TuTu) into Throne of Bhaal. This NPC will mostly likely be of evil alignment and will add some "ease of use" for evil aligned parties. I would like to create compatibility for a good aligned party as well, possibly by assigning the newNPC a "Chaotic Neutral" or "True Neutral" alignment. The newNPC would be a Sorcerer or possibly a Cleric.

-Addition of maybe a new wilderness area to Baldur's Gate containing a dungeon, or the addition of a dungeon to a pre-existing wildnerness area. This new area would be involved in the new plotline and only be available on the map if the player has newNPC in the party.

-Addition of possibly a new romance line through the Baldur's Gate trilogy, starting in Baldur's Gate(TuTu) and being optional for BG(TuTu) and BG2SA-ToB.

-Addition of a few items.

-Addition of not only dialogue between the PC and the newNPC, but between the newNPC and various other join-able NPCs, as well as possibly Tomoko, Sarevok, Irenicus, and other Bhaalspawn. The dialogue may range from quick blurbs to dialogues spanning multiple encounters.


If anyone is interested, let me know here or at gavin_farewell@yahoo.com I will be available to work on this almost all summer, and next semester I will be available on most weekends. I am in no great rush to get this out there, again, I don't even have all the specifics worked out yet, and I'd rather we release an epic mod in a year instead of a a mediocre mod tomorrow.

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It is an interesting project! Not enough "entertaining evil" characters in the game, that's for sure. Still, about the only thing I can offer you is encouragement. Everyone is busy. If an experienced modder has time to work on a project, it's more likely to be one of their own, rather than someone else's. Ideas are never in short supply, and every modder I know has more than they can possibly implement in ten times the actual free time they have.


Does that mean that your project is doomed? No, you can still get it done. It just means that you're probably going to have to learn to code it yourself. It is not an insurmountable obstacle. There are numerous tutorials to help you along, and I'd bet there's a mod to use as an example for everything you want to attempt. And if you get stuck, you can always ask for help with specific problems on the forum. It's a lot easier to get help with "I am trying to accomplish this. These are things I already tried without success. What am I doing wrong?" than it is to get help with "Writer/coder wanted to implement my idea."

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I won't offer to code or write anything, but I always love bouncing ideas around and can do some light troubleshooting. I can also refer you to a fair number of tutorials and coding resources (and model mods, as in mods whose general TP2 code you can easily reuse) so long I'm on MSN or an email is sent my way. MSN is far better for me though, good thing now is that yahoo and MSN can interact.

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Sorry guys, but between learning Chinese and studying for med I simply do not have time to learn how to put the mod together. Project abandoned until further notice.


Too bad, it sounds interesting :cool: If I had the ability, I would love to work on such a project, but I'm still learning modding basics >.<.

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