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It would depend on what you mean by 'avatars'.


If you mean the portrait (pictures on the right side of the screen when playing the game) it's easy, and there are several hundred to choose from.


If you mean the avatar (image on the main screen when you are playing the game, which walks around and hits stuff) then it's much harder, requires special 3d modelling software and lots of time. AFAIK, there are no mods that add new avatars. (And if there were, they would probably have to over-write an existing animation anway).

NB. There is a mod which removes the hair from some of the avatars, so they look a little nicer, iirc, by Moinesse(?))


If you mean the paperdoll (image on the inventory screen, where you select weapons and armor) then you can alter existing images, and I believe you can add images for those animations which do not currently have them, but it's generally more hassle than it's worth.

NB. Lightspeeds mod may alter the paperdoll images. Again, Moinesse(?) may have a mod which removes hair of the paperdoll images.



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Lightspeed's paperdoll mod places empty paperdoll files (PLTs) and a bunch of BAMs, that contain BG1-style paperdolls, into the override folder. The game engine sees the empty/invalid/missing PLT and goes in search of a BAM instead, which allows the mod to work like it does. The game engine (BG2) also does this if it can't find a VVC file; it goes off in search of a BAM instead.

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