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BG1NPC Phase II is Here...


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Enjoy your journey through the fascinating world of Baldur’s Gate with a quite chatty company of heroes; Banters uncounted! Romance! Fights! Nags! Tied up ends! The Phase II of the BG1NPC Project (TUTU edition) and associated BG1NPC Portrait Pack are now available for download at Gibberlings3 website:





The Project includes the following additions to the BG1NPC Phase I (Banter-pack):


1) Numerous bug-fixes and additions to Phase I (such as dialogues with PC for Edwin, Ajantis and Shar-Teel)

2) Extensive set of scenery dialogues and expanded encounters for all BG1 NPCs with the exception of Edwin, Quayle and Viconia

3) Player Initiated Dialogues with all NPCs.

4) A separate Portrait Pack, that includes alternative portraits for all the NPCs; The portraits can also be installed to use for your Charname. The previews of the pack can be found here:




Additional Information about the mod can be found here:










The Forum for Feedback and Technical Support is located here:



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Is it possible to install only Phase 1(or 2)?  If not, any plan to add this option in future release.

After thinking on it some more... Starting with V8 the install will have a 'core' component that has to be installed (it's scripts reassignment and patching etc) and then *everything else* will be independent and optional - Banter pack, Quests and Interjections, Avatars, Portraits, every one of the romances, PID's... etc so that you can customize as much as you want :thumbsup:

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