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Since I had to reinstall SoA and ToB, I decided to throw in just about every mod available at Gibberlings Three and the Pocket Plane Group. They have added enormously to the game, and are hilarious to boot. Problem is, I have so many new things to do, I hardly know where to get started, lol.


Especial kudos to the team who worked on Unfinished Business and the "minor" questpack. I'm running all over Athkatla doing all kinds of funny new things. And since my party has Minsc, Vikki,Chloe, Kelsey, and Keto in it, I'm getting into a lot of new and improved banters.


So far, only two minor criticisms occur to me: the reward for Minsc's quest is kind of Monty Hall-ish, IMO. And Keto is a little hard for my (slightly-deaf) ears to understand sometimes.


The modding community does great things to keep BG alive and fresh. My thanks to all involved.


-- Mal

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