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To sing or not to sing?


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how to play bards? should i just keep them singing in combat or should i attack as well? I noticed the aftercast duration of the song buff is really short, so it seems that i could only pick on either attacking or an aurabot, not both. any good bard guides out there? I keep searching but i only see blade guides, focusing on hack and slash stuff, does the song not worth it?

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It's worth it for bard's silmulacrums(vhailor's helm) and misleads and whatnot, but in combat, even the worst fighter is better than even the best buff. Usually. And as for Jester's, a 5 level Chaos spell is much more effective.

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song and silence rebalances the bards to be more useful for singing. Or if you want a directly hurting bard song, check the conductor kit. Also, you later get lingering song as a HLA (or is it just in iwd2?), which prolongs the effects of the song for additional two rounds after the bard shuts up.

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From Readme:

Skald's Song:

By chanting a war song, a Skald can inspire allies as they go forward into combat. Chanting can elevate spirits, remove concerns about danger, keep men's minds focused on combat and fill friendly forces with a sense of being larger than life. The effects of the song further improve as the Skald gains more levels:


1st: gives allies +2 to hit, +2 to damage, -2 to AC and immunity to Fear

9th: gives allies +3 to hit, +3 to damage, -3 to AC, immunity to Fear and Confusion

18th: gives allies +4 to hit, +4 to damage, -4 to AC, immunity to Fear, Stun and Confusion.


Really great!

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