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  1. Does anyone know when SHS will be back?
  2. 1. Do not install any old games in Program Files! Create another directory, use another disk and install it there. 2. Try GOG-version.
  3. To play Jaheira romance, you need to sleep outdoors often
  4. More like a year (and Meira wasn't since 2012), but you are right. I PMed both. Oh sorry! I really live in past ))))
  5. You always can PM them. I believe Domi was online last month.
  6. Do you mean your lover will have to let you go with his/her blessing?
  7. Touchy? Where I said that? )))) He is just paladin and aging man, that's all. And this is PC who is in love with him. Keldorn doesn't need all this foolishness of youth. Yet. BTW. There are some glitches in release versionб already fixed. But! Now we are testing compilation mod - BD+TS+Keldorn with NEJ too. If you want you will wait for this. They would I believe
  8. Senka

    Belated KOTOR 2 run

    I always abandon Nar-Shaada to the end of game for better armors, weapons and more experience. There are are a lot of solo and all party members need for good equipment.
  9. Senka

    Belated KOTOR 2 run

    No-no, hate this series ))) And you can add M4-78 Enhancement Project too Then shields, fast fire and run through )))
  10. Senka

    Belated KOTOR 2 run

    It's simple. Just stand behind the bar and fire. Suns are helpless in this position.
  11. Senka

    Belated KOTOR 2 run

    Try this one http://deadlystream.com/forum/forum/4-tslrcm/
  12. TOB'patch Unfortunately your spoiler is not readable.
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