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Resolution problem


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Hey all, first off - thanks for putting together a really cool project!


I'm trying to get IWD2 to run on a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. The Galaxy's resolution is 800x480 which is not a supported resolution by the widescreen mod if I understand correctly, furthermore, IWD2's lowest native resolution is 800x600. Is there any way to get around this?

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According to the IWD2 widescreen readme it can, weird:



This mod allows you to play the game at any desired resolution. The games currently support the following resolutions:

BG and Ps:T: X >= 640 and Y >= 480.

BG2 SoA, BG2 ToB, IWD HoW and IWD2 using the standard client: X >= 640 (but not X = 641) and Y >= 482.

BG2 SoA, BG2 ToB, IWD HoW and IWD2 using the GemRB client: X >= 640 and Y >= 480.

Non-standard resolutions (E.G. 801 by 632) are not supported in fullscreen, but can work in windowed mode.

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