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Can i be the first to request


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You'd hardly be the first. And we do some work on iwd2 almost each release too (this time some little improvements of combat).


ToEE is very different, so it would require even more work to generalize gemrb enough. IIRC it is also in true 3d, so there'd have to be a lot of prerendering done to get it in shape for isometric use. Big task, but if you're up to it, you're welcome to contribute — we hardly know toee.

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As Lynx wrote we hardly know ToEE and the whole engine is totally different from any IE game.

IWD2 is a realistic goal and we will support it fully, there is no impossible roadblock to overcome so far.


We might support ToEE's avatar format and some other fileformats. But its combat (being entirely turn based) is totally different from what we already have.

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turn-based could be emulated with forced pauses, but still everyone would have their own rounds and there'd be no action point system (move action vs full round). Other than that, the combat rules are very similar to iwd2 and eventually we should rip as much as we can out to a plugin.

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