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Setting a story in the future with the Bhaalspawn saga in the background is certainly viable for a topic Domi.


Heck, a large part I have planned for In Sheep's Clothing actually takes place after the Bhaalspawn saga.


Anyways, the story looked fine, though you might adjust the title to: The Ninth Portent


The reason for this is Portent is one of the few words that can be both singular and plural (Much like moose)

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Well, the source saith that "The books, titled "First Portents" through "Ninth Portents," are largely chronological, though not all prophecies are referenced by dates." Ie it seems that the title of Alaundo's books has "portents" in plurial.

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Portent is a bit of a funny word. It can still be used in plural (e.g. "There are many signs and portents."), but it was often used in the plural in older texts for a singular portent (just to be confusing, I reckon). The modern title of the story would be, the Ninth Portent. As the actual title of one of Alaundo's books though, it's OK.




Oh, and while I think about it, looks interesting so far Domi, keep going. :thumbsup:

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