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NearInfinity on Windows 7?


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I cannot get NearInfinity to work on my Windows 7 system. The BG games run fine, I did all trouble shooting suggested on the NearInfinity homepage, the graphic card driver software is up to date.

If I double-click on the NearInfinity.bat, a window pops up for less than a second (too short to really see), I think it is the black command window (however that is called) that usually opens before the NI window opens. For NearInfinity128.bat, it is the same.


Does anyone have a good idea what else I could try?

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I was thinking about changing something in the bar, too (although I have no experience).

Yes, Java is up to date, I forgot to write that in the post above.


OK, I paused it and it sais (in German): "The command java is either written wrongly or could not be found". The content of the bat is "java -jar NearInfinity.jar".


Java is definitely installed, I even checked and it's the newest version ("Congratulations!..."). Could this be some Windows 7 funky stuff with blocking something somewhere etc.?

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Near Infinity works fine for me or Windows 7.


I don't use a bat file to start it. I just click a shortcut that launches the .jar file directly


always did that even on Windows XP


Might be difference in Near Infinity version. I'm using v1.33 beta 20 not sure if that's the latest or not.

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plainab: You are right! it works! And i have to admit (and that's rather emarrassing) that it did so before, I just didn't realize the window that opened belonged to NI already (select path to the chitin.key). I was expecting either the command window or the full Ni window. The bat still doesn't work, but I am happy now.

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What is the difference between starting the jar directly and using the bat, anyway?

The bat file is used to tell Java to extend the maximum memory you can use in Near Infinity. Because of the way Java handles the memory (it doesn't release it very quickly, let's say), you can saturate the nominal amount if you use the area preview, for instance. Allowing Java to use more memory allows you to delay the time when you face a memory problem.

The 128 in the bat file name is the amount of memory (128 MB). In BP-BGT-Worldmap, there are similar files with memory up to 1024.


The issue of Near Infinity 1.28 with newer versions of Java is not new. It started with Java 1.5 (now is 1.6.xx). You should use the 1.33 beta version (either from the original author or from new authors) if your Java is 1.5 and higher.

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