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Minor quest woes


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This isn't exactly a gamebreaking issue, but I was wondering if there was maybe a way to solve it.


I'm currently replaying BG1 and, not paying attention, missed out on a quest item. To be more precise, it's the Perdue's Short Sword quest, where you need to kill a unique gnoll enemy in High Hedge and retrieve a sword off its body for this halfling called Perdue in Beregost. I killed the gnoll just fine, but completely forgot that it had the sword, and therefore didn't pick it up. I then left the area for a long while, and of course, now, the loot is no longer there, and the gnoll won't respawn.


I tried creating the sword in my inventory via CLUAConsole, but Perdue won't react to it when I go talk to him. Probably because looting the sword also came with a journal update or something. I also considered trying to respawn the gnoll via CLUA, but I can't seem to find its creature code.


Is there any way out of this, or should i just forget about it?

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if you are playing BG1 or BGT & have talked to Perdue, clua'ing the item sw1h17 should do the trick

if you are playing BG in Tutu & have talked to Perdue, clua'ing the item _sw1h17 should work


It is possible to clua in the wrong item in Tutu as the sw1h17 item was carried over into BG2 but is not used, without knowing anything further I'd hazard to guess that you are playing Tutu and created the wrong item.

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